GCD’s School of Worship


GCD’s School of Worship

School of Worship

The School of Worship offers a Certificate in Worship Leadership. This certificate is a one-year program that includes thirty credit hours of academic work and an extensive music practicum in the students’ area of specialization. Students may choose either instrumental, vocal, or dance specialization in this school. The students involved in this program will be required to participate on a Worship Team at a local church at a designated time. This program puts in place the musical talent of our students. Also, students will be able to minor in worship if interested in a Bachelors of Divinity degree.

We are working to make our worship program better with updated courses that include even more practical experience in production, sound, and real-world worship leadership. These new courses and practical experiences will begin in the Fall of 2016.

Student Experience: Gideon Holman

Once I graduated from theExperience with a certificate of Christian leadership, I decided to go to the School of Worship at GCD. What made me want to go into this branch of GCD was the fact that their School of Worship seemed more well-rounded than that of other Christian colleges I’ve researched. At other colleges, their worship program included two Music Theory classes, a worship class thrown in there that mainly focused on stage presence, and some music lessons. While GCD does have Music Theory and Worship Leadership classes under their curriculum, they also offer a leadership class based off of Tim Elmore’s Habitudes book series, multiple theology classes, cultural anthropology, and a practicum that’s focused on learning how to use your vocals, how to direct the band, how to use the top tech gear for modern worship, (ableton, logic Pro X, and Looptimus) both leading the worship team onstage and offstage. I’ve only been through this program for a year now, but because of how well-rounded the program is and because of the dedication of the teachers I have, I feel like I am more equipped to lead a group of people in worship to Jesus through the vehicle of music. Although going through a worship program is good on its own, I would strongly suggest to anyone that, while going through the School of Worship, you join a worship team at a local church. Doing this will give you extra credibility, because not only will you have the knowledge of the worship leader, you will also have practical experience.


Worship Leadership


Worship Leadership


Worship Leadership

What is worship leadership? For many people worship leadership is just a group of people leading the church in worship before or after a service. Worship leadership takes more than that; a worship leader has very different responsibilities to fulfill besides just singing in front of the crowd. In this blog the reader will learn a few tips to be a successful worship leader and what responsibilities they have as worship leaders.


Here are 5 tips of how to be a successful worship leader.

  •       Prepare yourself Set time aside to interact with God and let Him prepare your heart to worship Him
  •      Receive Constructive Feedback  Let others with more experience help you and teach you what you might have to fix or add to your worship plan  Be humble when responding to the feedback and don’t take it as if the other person is bossing you around remember that person is just trying to help.
  •      Have a plan     If you play an instrument figure out the keys or chords and transitions you want to use so you can have something to practice, but can also change it while practicing   If you don’t play any instruments then get together with other members of the worship team and figure out the plan together.
  •      Have an opinion  If you are a co-leader have ideas or songs in mind that you can contribute when coming up with the plan
  •      Always contribute

     Let other people listen to the song list or plan beforehand; not all services are the same which means the song list needs to be flexible.

What are the responsibilities of a worship leader?

Not only do worship leaders sing in front of the church for service but they also come up with how they want to play every song, what songs they want to play, the lighting they need, the sound system and how to record it. Many of people think of worship as just singing but there is so much more to it that we can’t see. Behind every “performance” there many other responsibilities to accomplish. Here are some examples:

     Worship leaders create a culture of worship reflecting the uniqueness of the church.

     They might sing songs that other people wrote but the way they play the songs may be different because of the uniqueness of the church, not every church is the same which means not every worship team is the same.

     They unify the church with the uniqueness of the songs.

     The uniqueness of the songs relate to how the church is or the style of the writer; what makes it unique is how the worship team transmits the connection with God to the crowd.

     They take the church where God is.

     Sometimes it’s very hard to connect with God and through worship people are able to experience the presence of God.