What is the 318 Movement? 

It is individuals that have come together to give $1000 in a year to GCD to facilitate the different ministries of the college in advancing the Kingdom of God through equipping active Christian leaders. This is similar to the way that Abraham gathered 318 people raised in his own household to defeat the Kings who had taken Abraham’s family and others hostage. The enemy has taken many people and peoples hostage by blinding their eyes to the gospel. Our goal is to come together, to partner together to use the resources God has given us in talent, finances and giftings as a household to raise up leaders to take back what the enemy has stolen in that he has blinded so many to the gospel. The reason we do this is very simple. To quote Count Zinzendorf, “That the Lamb would receive the reward of His Suffering.” The reward of His suffering is you and I and the others we gather through the gospel  and all others who know the Lord standing around the throne to worship Him and to have deep fellowship with Him for eternity. The reward of His suffering is that He would have fellowship with us and multitudes of others forever in eternity. This is the vision of the Lord and we participate in that vision as we equip and send people into Fayetteville and to the ends of the earth to bring light to those who have been blinded by the god of this world.

Dream On: Grace College of Divinity and Fayetteville Dream Center Partner for Fourth Annual Dream Run

2016 GCD Christmas Party

There is an event you do NOT want to miss for this Holiday season! The `50s GCD Bandstand experience Saturday, December 10th at 7 pm in the Student Center! You can find live music, hor d’oeuvres, Christmas gifts at auction, and last but not least, great people. It is a great opportunity to bring your family to enjoy a one of a kind evening with your GCD community. Every year GCD hosts an event where marvelous creativity comes to life to reinvent a Christmas party with a different theme and entertainment. In this special event you, as part of our GCD community, have the opportunity for fellowship in a great place, and in a more relaxed environment where your only concern will be “did I wear my dancing shoes?” and enjoy every minute of the wonderful evening.

Now the music… yes the music… Wayne Tate will be performing live music of the ‘50s… yes you read that right.. WAYNE TATE.. if you came to our Christmas party last year, then you know what I am talking about when I make the emphasis ON WAYNE TATE playing live music. Now, can you picture it?.

So for those of you who missed last year’s GCD Christmas party, let me give you some insights of that night. The dinner: delicious; the decoration: the funky ‘70s style; and the main entertainment: the Bee Gees, performed by Chris Fletcher, Jordan Tate, and Wayne Tate, their performance was awesome! They transported attendants back to the ‘70s to a private concert with the Bee Gees. So the dancing floor was on fire, yes on fire! The people got the chance to dance their favorite songs. Oh what a great evening!. So this year Wayne Tate is performing live music of the ‘50s, so expectations should be pretty high for those who attended last year, and should be for everyone else too, because he always does a great job!.

Also if you like the retro style, but you never have the chance to show off your gowns, this can be a great opportunity to wear your favorite one!. If you do not want everyone to be jealous of your ‘50s gowns, it is perfectly fine, you can wear semi-formal attire from any era. So tell me… where can you find Live Music, dancing, and great food for FREE?! .. only at the GCD Christmas party. So join us with your family for this incredible Christmas evening. Please do not forget to RSVP so we make sure to have plenty of space on the dancing floor for you and your family!

Our Christmas day is Saturday, December 10th, at 7 pm in the Student Center! Tickets are FREE! See ya there!

Rossana Allup

GCD Student

Grace College of Divinity Spring Banquet

Grace College of Divinity Spring Banquet


     Grace College of Divinity is hosting its Third Annual Spring Banquet on Saturday, April 23rd at 6:30 pm. The theme is Chocolate and those in attendance will be served a multi-course chocolate infused dinner. The Banquet will feature Tom Johnson as a speaker and he will share insights from his many years as a missionary, teacher, and pastor. There will be a raffle at the event for a valuable prize package. The proceeds will go to GCD and its efforts to prepare emerging leaders to change the world by advancing the Kingdom of God through sound biblical training, practical ministry and personal development.

     This is a wonderful event for those wishing to help GCD advance today’s emerging leaders and to experience great food and atmosphere! Tickets are $20 in advance and are available at the GCD administrative offices, on the website, or by calling 910-221-2224. Tickets will also be available at the door for $25.

GCD’s 5K Dream Run

GCD’s 5K Dream Run

Grace College of Divinity in partnership with the Fayetteville Dream Center present the first annual GCD Dream Run! This will be a 5k walk/run to raise awareness and support the causes of these two non-profit organizations .This will be a great time to come out and meet new people and have fun together.

The registration is absolutely free! Order your event shirt when you register for $15 (order before April 7th to guarantee size availability). This walk/run will take place on Saturday, May 14, 2016 in downtown Fayetteville on a certified 5k route. Registration and Packet Pickup will start at 8:00am and the actual run will start at 9:00 am. A clothe and shoes drive will be taking place at the time of the run and there will also be a kids tent with some very fun activities, absolutely free!

There will be four different prizes for the top finishers in the following categories :

  • Top Male
  • Top Female
  • Top Child (12 and under)
  • Top GCD student

Also, we have different sponsorship levels available for companies that would be interested to sponsor this event. To register, sponsor, or for more information visit our website www.GCD.edu/GCDDreamRun .

So come out to have a blast in a healthy way with us and fellow members of our community!

Christmas Party

Christmas Party


Hello Christmas lovers!!! We are excited to invite you to our annual Christmas party on Saturday December 12th, 2015 at 6:30pm it will take place in the Student Center located at our Grace College of Divinity Campus.

We will have lots of fun with an amazing dinner, music, dancing, and a great auction where you will want to buy Christmas gifts. The event is free and entire families are welcome to attend. The attire is Semi-Formal and the theme of the party will be the 70s. The 70s attire is not required but absolutely encouraged and welcomed.

We will have a Bee Gees performance by Wayne Tate, Chris Fletcher, and Jordan Tate. We will also have volunteers from theExperience Internship who you will be able to interact with and get insights of the school and their experience in the school. Come join us for a magical night with lots of fun and memories to create.

For more information or to RSVP contact Diane Sharp at dsharp@gcd.edu or call/text her at 910-476-2400.