theExperience college internship is designed to equip students to change the world through a foundation of faith, character, and leadership skill. In order to achieve this goal, the internship is comprised of two major aspects – academics and practical leadership experience.

      • FAITH – Regardless of career path, our greatest fulfillment is found only through our relationship with God. Learn to develop and apply spiritual disciplines, read the Scriptures, pray, and build your faith like never before.
      • CHARACTER – Character development is vital for future success and longevity. Through the support of staff members, coaches, professors, and personal mentors, you will be challenged to grow personally and shape your character for a lifetime. Learn to develop character in all aspects of life for wherever God is calling you.
      • LEADERSHIP – In order to make a difference, a leader must rise to the task. The combination of academic theory and practical leadership opportunities will equip you with the necessary tools to effectively lead others. Learn to increase your influence in order to initiate change in this world.

ACADEMICS: World Class Education

The Experience is partnered with Grace College of Divinity (GCD), a nationally accredited Bible College based in Fayetteville, NC. GCD has multiple campuses, attracting a diverse array of domestic and international students.

All GCD expenses, including tuition, fees, required books, and graduation costs are covered by the cost of the internship program (excluding the $50 application fee).

PRACTICAL LEADERSHIP: Specialized Training & Experience

Practical leadership experience and specialized ministry opportunities play a significant role within theExperience. This valuable experience is gained through the context of local churches who partner with theExperience. Interns get the benefit of leadership coaching and practical ministry opportunities through group projects, event planning, leading small groups, attending weekly meetings, personal mentoring relationships, and serving in the local church. Through these opportunities, interns will be equipped with the basic necessities to become Christian agents-of-change for the rest of their life. This includes developing skills such as teamwork, conflict resolution, mentoring, and sharing the Gospel.

Certificate of Christian Leadership (1st Year)

Associates Degree of Christian Leadership (2nd Year)

Destiny & Calling
Intro to Theology
Studies & Practices in Self-Leadership I
• Leadership Habits & Attitudes I
• Leadership Practicum I(a)
Communicating the Relevance of God’s Story
Psychology of a Leader
Studies & Practices in Self-Leadership II
• Leadership Habits & Attitudes II
Effective Communication
• Leadership Practicum I(b)
• Pauline Epistles in Leadership
Writing & Research
• Personal Growth & Leadership
• Leadership Practicum II(a)
Philosophy & Worldview
Cultural Anthropology
Kingdom of God
Marriage & Family in Society
• Facilitating Leadership & Growth in Others
• Leadership Practicum II(b)

Steps to enroll into internship program

        1. Fill out application
        2. Pay Application Fee
        3. Fill out Fafsa
        4. Send official transcripts to: Grace College of Divinity, 5117 Cliffdale Rd, Fayetteville, NC, 28314
        5. Schedule an interview