The one-year internship-based program cultivates the heart and
skills of the Christian influencer. Program leaders seek individuals desiring
to develop a solid Christian foundation to effectively influence others in
College settings, in the marketplace, and/or in part-time or full-time ministry.
TheExperience joins foundational academic and Theological instruction
with leadership and character development—all in the context of real-world
ministry opportunities where students may practice what they learn under
the guidance of experienced leaders. The Experience requires 30 credit hours
of academic work; acceptance requires joint approval by GenIgnite Student
Ministries and Grace College of Divinity. Some classes may vary year to year.
Successful completion is based on 1) Academic performance that meets
the standards for graduation for Grace College of Divinity and 2) Satisfactory
participation in the internship, as determined by the internship director.

Program Objectives

The student will:

• Be equipped with skills for a lifetime of Kingdom living involving personal
character development;
• Develop leadership skills to influence the world around them;
• Be able to plan, organize, and implement outreach programs targeting
youth; and
• Be knowledgeable, articulate, and model Kingdom-oriented people,
Kingdom hearts with skills of influence, and launch the next generation of
leaders who will be able to hear, “well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Class                 Course Name                                                                         Credit Hours

ENG 101          Effective Communication                                                               3

CLG 101          Destiny and Calling                                                                          3

THE 101          Introduction to Theology                                                                3

CLG 311           Seminar in Leadership Development I                                        3

CLG 260         Studies and Practices in Self Leadership I                                     3

CLG 240          Leadership Practicum I                                                                    3

CLG 241          Leadership Practicum II                                                                   3

CLG 312          Seminar in Leadership Development II                                        3

CLG 261          Studies and Practices in Self Leadership II                                   3

MIS 302         Communicating the Relevance of God’s Story                              3

                         Total Credit Hours:                                                                         30