Introducing Grace College of Divinity’s first graduate degree! Masters in Christian Leadership!

Program Objectives:

This program will:

● Confront the student with the Word of God proclaiming humanity’s alienation from God and God’s work of redemption in Christ as found in the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, and to explore ramifications of this gospel for the student’s personal life and the work of leadership in the context of the church and the world

● Equip the student to lead with integrity grounded in a Judeo-Christian worldview and values system.

● Give the student an understanding of how to apply Christian and organizational leadership knowledge, theories and skills within a global context.

● Equip the student for research that is exegetical, qualitative and quantitative for leadership and organizational understanding, analysis and problem solving.

Course descriptions

Admission requirements

  1. Application
  2. Application Fee ($50)
  3. Transcripts from undergraduate degree from a regionally or nationally accredited college with minimum 2.75 GPA