History and Mission


Grace College of Divinity, formerly Grace Leadership Institute was founded with the mission of providing practical and academic education and training to adults in a formal, traditional environment. This education was designed not to replace, but to complement the discipleship efforts of the local church. The curriculum was structured to prepare and equip believers; it concentrated its study and development in four particular tracks: Leadership, Worship, Ministry, and Family Life.
GCD was the next logical process in the growth of this institution. Therefore, GCD was formed in the fall of 2000, offering structured college curricula taught by experienced faculty.
Today, GCD offers an Associate of Divinity degree, a Bachelor of Divinity degree, an Associate of Christian Leadership Degree, a Bachelors of Christian Leadership degree, a Masters of Christian Leadership Degree and several certificate programs. It is our desire to help you find and fulfill the call of God in your life in establishing the kingdom of God on the earth.
We are located in Fayetteville, North Carolina on the main campus of Manna Church, one of the top 100 fastest growing churches in the United States (Charisma Magazine, 2011).


Grace College of Divinity is biblical higher education institution dedicated to Preparing Emerging Leaders to Change the World by advancing the Kingdom of God through sound biblical training, practical ministry and personal development.