These scholarships were made to assist students in their pursuit of education at Grace College of Divinity.  The amazing men and women behind these scholarships fulfilled God’s calling on their lives and no doubt heard “well done.”  Now their scholarships can be passed on to others willing to answer the call and not be hindered financially.

Scholarships are awarded to participants that meet the criteria of the program based on a balance of merit and need.

Please note these two important points:

  1. In order to determine need, the scholarship application calls for an applicant’s EFC number.  The first step is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®), designating Grace College of Divinity as the school you are interested in attending.  GCD’s federal school code is 041737.
  2. Scholarship applications should be submitted at least two weeks before the start of a semester.

Below are several of the scholarships that GCD offers.  Please follow these links to learn about eligibility requirements and to apply:

LifeLong Learner Scholarship ∞

mPact Churches Pastors’ Scholarship ∞

Student Government Association Scholarship ∞

Dawn Galloway Memorial Scholarship †

Please note: GCD’s policy states that students may receive 1 funded and 1 unfunded scholarship at a time.  In addition, students who receive financial aid of any sort (including federal financial aid through student grants or loans, VA Education Benefits, or Tuition Assistance for active duty military) may not be eligible for certain scholarships. Consult with the Scholarship Team to learn more or ask any questions.

= unfunded scholarship (tuition discount)

= funded scholarship (to be awarded based on eligibility requirements and current funds available)