JCTS-The Journal of Contemporary Theological Studies

Welcome to the Journal of Contemporary Theological Studies! We have provided this space for students and faculty of GCD and surrounding Bible colleges to collaborate with one another on theological issues. Our hope is that you will be encouraged and challenged through reading these articles and in composing your own. The articles in this journal relate to all areas of theology: Biblical, historical, practical, systematic, and exegetical theology.

We encourage you to read through these articles and, if you’re up for it, to submit articles of your own. Enjoy!

The Journal of Contemporary Theological Studies, Vol. I

Dynamism and Error: A Critique of Process Thought and Its Ramifications on Contemporary Theology by Jeff Christensen

This paper examines the philosophical system of Process Thought and how it has influenced liberal protestant theology.


Jesus as an Agent of Change by Steve Crowther

This paper explores Jesus as a change agent in John 21.


Where There is No Vision: How Science Apart from Revelation Led to History’s Worst Atrocities by Jeff Christensen

This paper investigates the philosophical connection between evolution and 20th century totalitarianism. It concludes that eugenics, genocide, and the degradation of human life are the most logical consequences of Darwin’s theory.

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Writing for the Journal

Writing for GCD’s Theological Journal is a great way to enrich your studies and aid in the academic and spiritual growth of your peers. You may choose to write on an original topic or you may write a response to any articles that are currently published.

Come; join us as we work together to preserve and build up Biblical truth among our GCD community.


Submitting Articles to the Theological Journal

Follow these steps to have an article published in GCD’s Theological Journal:

  • Submit a short proposal of the topic about which you would like to write. This may be done via email (info@gcd.edu).


  • Once your topic has been approved, you may begin work on your article. All articles should be presented in Chicago Style and approximately 5 to 15 pages in length.


  • All proposals and articles should be submitted digitally via email to info@gcd.edu. Once your articles have been received they will be reviewed by a team of GCD faculty. You will then be notified as to whether or not they will be published in the journal. In some cases, we may ask you to revise your work before publication.