GCD Student Spotlight – Christina Reed

Mom, Hair Designer, Student


What do you do all day? This is a question that makes many people cringe when they hear,  because we all feel busy in our everyday lives, but can’t always recall exactly what they did all day. I know that I felt absolutely overwhelmed with the things going on in my life and wondered how people could ever add the task of school to their lives when they already worked numerous hours a week and were raising two kids, like in my case. Yet the tug at my heart would not cease the gentle but constant tug to enroll at GCD. “Me, God? Are you sure you weren’t talking to the person next to me and I just overheard?” This was a question I kicked around for a while before enrolling here at GCD. I am a hair designer and have been for 19 years. This job suits my ADD quite well and my need for instant gratification from something that doesn’t lose my attention easily. I was sure I couldn’t focus long enough to make it through a class and actually pass it. I talked myself out of enrolling for some time. I had all kinds of excuses but the biggest one was that I did not have enough time. Time is something we all get the same amount of and choose to use in the way we decide is most important.


I finally quit ignoring the gentle, consistent tug at my heart to enroll at GCD and took the plunge. Thank God there was an amazing person that answered the other end of the phone and literally walked me through every aspect of the process; I’m sure she was tired of seeing my number pop up on the caller ID but she always answered the phone with grace and guidance. I was ready to quit the first week of school and another student there talked me out of it, how grateful I am now for these two people that helped usher me into a new era. I now have a much more positive outlook on my journey and have earned high marks so far in all my courses here at GCD. Every single day I am proving myself wrong; there is no place for the previous negativity that once controlled my thoughts.
I am still a hair designer and raising two beautiful kiddos and have somehow found time to add in school and still go the park with my sweet babies and not miss out on the life God had planned for me. God has a plan that involves me trusting Him and letting Him manage my time. So, what do I do all day? I am walking out God’s plan for me, one step at a time.

2016 GCD Christmas Party

There is an event you do NOT want to miss for this Holiday season! The `50s GCD Bandstand experience Saturday, December 10th at 7 pm in the Student Center! You can find live music, hor d’oeuvres, Christmas gifts at auction, and last but not least, great people. It is a great opportunity to bring your family to enjoy a one of a kind evening with your GCD community. Every year GCD hosts an event where marvelous creativity comes to life to reinvent a Christmas party with a different theme and entertainment. In this special event you, as part of our GCD community, have the opportunity for fellowship in a great place, and in a more relaxed environment where your only concern will be “did I wear my dancing shoes?” and enjoy every minute of the wonderful evening.

Now the music… yes the music… Wayne Tate will be performing live music of the ‘50s… yes you read that right.. WAYNE TATE.. if you came to our Christmas party last year, then you know what I am talking about when I make the emphasis ON WAYNE TATE playing live music. Now, can you picture it?.

So for those of you who missed last year’s GCD Christmas party, let me give you some insights of that night. The dinner: delicious; the decoration: the funky ‘70s style; and the main entertainment: the Bee Gees, performed by Chris Fletcher, Jordan Tate, and Wayne Tate, their performance was awesome! They transported attendants back to the ‘70s to a private concert with the Bee Gees. So the dancing floor was on fire, yes on fire! The people got the chance to dance their favorite songs. Oh what a great evening!. So this year Wayne Tate is performing live music of the ‘50s, so expectations should be pretty high for those who attended last year, and should be for everyone else too, because he always does a great job!.

Also if you like the retro style, but you never have the chance to show off your gowns, this can be a great opportunity to wear your favorite one!. If you do not want everyone to be jealous of your ‘50s gowns, it is perfectly fine, you can wear semi-formal attire from any era. So tell me… where can you find Live Music, dancing, and great food for FREE?! .. only at the GCD Christmas party. So join us with your family for this incredible Christmas evening. Please do not forget to RSVP so we make sure to have plenty of space on the dancing floor for you and your family!

Our Christmas day is Saturday, December 10th, at 7 pm in the Student Center! Tickets are FREE! See ya there!

Rossana Allup

GCD Student

Student Spotlight: Jonathan Fletcher

Bible College Student:Manna Church teaching pastor

Meet our student spotlight of the week through his answers to a few questions about his life and what he is doing right now.

What is your current occupation?

         “I am the Teaching Pastor and Executive Place Site Pastor at Manna Church.”

How did GCD help you get there?

         “GCD has helped me by providing sound Biblical training to assist in my vocation.”

What was your favorite thing about GCD?

        “My favorite thing about GCD is that we are not just about people learning information. Rather, we attempt to provide sound Biblical teaching that helps people understand more about God, while at the same time helping them use that knowledge in practical ministry experience.”

Experience at GCD.

      “I have taken classes as both an undergraduate and in the master’s program, and I have found both of those experiences to be incredibly insightful. I feel better prepared as a pastor through my involvement at GCD.” 

There you have it, Pastor Jonathan Fletcher everybody. If you want to learn more about our students here at GCD and want to see more about our students’ lives let us know in the comments below.

GCD’s Student Life: Chapel


GCD’s Student Life: Chapel


How often do you offer Chapel?

Chapel is offered weekly on the Manna Church campus and monthly on the GCD campus. The weekly chapel is where the staff, students, and faculty of Manna Church and GCD come together on the second floor of the Educational Building of Manna Church. It takes place every Monday from 9:00am to 10:00am. Here we worship, pray, and hear the word from different speakers.

The monthly chapel however, takes place once a month in classroom 109 on the GCD campus from 4:20pm to 5:20pm. Here the GCD staff, faculty, and students gather together to hear a message from our President Dr. Crowther. We worship, pray, have snacks, and bond while Dr. Crowther mentors us. This chapel is called the 16:20 Chapel after Romans 16:20. It also relates to the time chapel takes place which is 4:20 in military time.

Grace College of Divinity Missions


Grace College of Divinity Missions



Grace College of Divinity is a Bible College located in Fayetteville, NC. Being so close to Ft Bragg military base GCD is passionate about impacting people in different countries. Missions are not sideline projects for GCD, it’s part of who they are. GCD focuses on equipping leaders to change the world and to do that they must develop leaders around the world. The goal of GCD is not to produce people with degrees, but to impact the world by advancing the Kingdom of God and training people to do that.

  “Our goal is not to produce graduates but to produce world changers.” -Dr. Steven Crowther Grace College of Divinity President.


GCD has hands in many countries, however they are mainly involved in Brazil, Guyana, and Romania. GCD has two levels to how they do missions.

Level 1:

Send students and faculty to different countries for training leaders through workshops and schools. There they train in leadership, bible, theology, and church planting. This is to help develop local leaders from the country they are in.

Level 2:

Go to help leaders with church planting and church development. They use the concepts of the class Communicating the Relevance of God and orality to evangelize through developing leaders in their own countries and cultures.


GCD on mission trips puts emphasis on building lasting relationships and continuing to develop current relationships. A good example is the Honduras trip from January 2015.



During the Honduras trip the students and leaders from GCD hiked 9 miles up a mountain to share the gospel to a tribe located there. Once the team reached the tribe they started to take pictures. However the people of the tribe were frightened because they had not seen a camera,no outsiders have ever visited the village before. After they put the camera away the people began to come out. They played games, ate candy, and listened to a gospel story. When the team finished sharing the gospel they asked if anyone wanted Christ in their lives and the whole village was saved. Due to the help of the team the first church builiding is now being built on the mountain.


This mission trip and others like it are occurring with GCD students and alumni. Additionally, GCD is actively involved with partner schools, where their goal is to send out leaders into unreached tribes. They are going where many of us cannot go. GCD is training on our campus and training people abroad through online classes and partner schools in order to prepare emerging leaders to change the world.


Bible College Student Spotlight: Rossana Allup

Bible College Student Spotlight: Rossana AllupBible College Student Rossana Bible College Student

Rossana Allup is in Grace College of Divinity’s (GCD) Master of Christian Leadership program. She grew up and lived in Venezuela and has recently moved to North Carolina this past January. Rossana has her Bachelor in Business Administration and she is excited to pursue her Master’s degree with GCD because she believes this program will give her the tools to make a difference. Rossana is excited for what God has planned for her right now and after she graduates; she is open and willing to hear from God on what His plans are for her after graduation.


Here are pictures from Rossana’s Instagram takeover










Student Spotlight: Janeissa Ortiz



Student Spotlight: Janeissa Ortiz

Janeissa Ortiz is in the first year of the Experience internship with GCD and Manna Church. She grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to North Carolina with her family about three years ago. Upon graduating from high school she received a nursing assistant certificate. Janeissa also enjoys to dance; she is in a hip hop dance crew and teaches hip hop at a local dance studio. She plans to continue in the Experience internship next year to receive her Associate’s of Christian Leadership with GCD. After the Christian Internship with GCD and Manna Church Janeissa hopes to pursue a career as a missionary nurse.


Photos from Janeissa’s Instagram Takeover


IGTakeover: @lingo__cvc #StudentTakeover #IGTakeover Take it away!

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Catalyst in Atlanta with the intern family #interns2015 #gcdstudents #mannachurchleaders #catalyst2015

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"Our mandate as leaders is to awaken the wonder in others" -Andy Stanley

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Intern girls at Catalyst having some fun learning more about our leadership…. #catalyst2015 #interns2015 #interngirls

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Pastor Trip Lee at Catalyst #interns2015 #gracecollegeofdivinity #mannachurch #catalyst2015 #photooftheday

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Student Spotlight: Katherine Cline


Student Spotlight: Katherine Clinestudent-spotlight


This week for our student spotlight we are featuring Katie Cline. She is a current Bachelor of Divinity student and a graduate of the Certificate of Worship Leadership Program with Grace College of Divinity. Her passion is leading worship and she currently serves on the worship team at Manna Church. Katie has been with GCD since Fall of 2012 and is newly married! Get to know her through Instagram, she’s taking over for the day! GCD IG: @gcdivinity Katie’s IG: @kjocline


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#igtakeover this go around: @kjocline It's all yours!

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Student Spotlight: Annie Fletcher

Student Spotlight: Annie Fletcher


This week we are featuring Annie Fletcher for our Student Spotlight and Instagram takeover.

Take a second to visit Annie on her Instagram:

IG: Annie Fletcher

IG: Grace College of Divinity



About Annie:

Annie is a Bachelors of Christian Leadership Student with Grace College of Divinity. She is also the Marketing Coordinator of theExperience Internship with Gen Ignite Student Ministries. Annie has a heart for ministry and is “passionate about seeing students come to realize their full potential in who God has called them to be.” Her hobbies include: photography, adventuring and making music.


Photos from Annie’s Instagram Takeover



Hey, party people! My name is Annie, and I am a senior here at GCD. I will graduate in the spring with my bachelor's in Christian Leadership. This being my first post, I just wanted to share a bit about me. I love taking pictures and doing what I can to try to capture what I perceive to be beautiful. Photography, to me, isn't entirely about capturing the memories, but it's about capturing, just a bit, of the beauty God created. I'm one of those kinds of people who feel the most connected with God when I'm in nature. It's when I get to experience some of the Majesty of God. So to me, pictures are about saving snapshots of the incredible Being that is Christ. #IGTakeOver #StudentLife #GCD #WhatElseDoIHashtag? #OhWell

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Well, people of Instagram, it's the last post of my #InstaTakeOver. Much to my mother's chagrin, I am not afraid heights. Hanging off of cliffs(and sitting at the edge of parking garages) are things that I greatly enjoy. But for all you moms out there, I am very careful. Also, one last thing you might not know about me, I have lived in Fayetteville, NC all of my life. I absolutely adore traveling, but I always love coming home. Fayetteville may not seem like much to most people who have lived other places, but it's home. No matter where I end up in the future, I will always love coming back home. Well, that's all from me. Thank you for putting up with me! It's been my pleasure to take over GCD's Instagram for a day.

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Student Spotlight: Rebecca Allup


Bible College Student: Rebecca Allup


About Rebecca:

Rebecca graduated from Grace College of Divinity with an Associates of Divinity and is currently in the process of acquiring her Bachelor of Divinity. Rebecca is an international student who began attending GCD in 2013. She has served on our student government and in several other capacities while being enrolled in full time classes. She also began working with a missionary organization in Georgia known as “Frontline Missions.” Rebecca has a heart to serve on the mission field and in the local church context.


Here are Photos from Rebecca’s Instagram Takeover


GCD alumni: Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca Allup (I’m the third one left to right, first row) and I graduated GCD with my associates in divinity with a certificate in missions. GCD has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life and I can truly say that it was totally worth it! I was part of the SGA ’13 – ’14 school year. Now, I’m an intern with Frontline Missions and have already traveled 4 times this year! And TOMORROW I get to go to Colombia and be part of a Bible Storying training ✌🏼️ what an honor to be part of what God is doing through out the world! So I get to post about my life today, I hope you enjoy it!!! Come follow GCD! @rebeccaallup #college #collegelife #student #love #instagood #photooftheday #smile #friends #fun #summer #instadaily #truth

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Hey hey hey! So! This was in HONDURAS this past June. We spend a whole month in Flower Mountain with the Tolupan Indians. It was my 5th time in Honduras and I LOVED it. God moved in an amazing way. This older lady right here is “abuela” (grandma), we were on our way to her village when we saw her in the trail. She is the sweetest lady ever. When I stay in her village, she lets me sleep in her OWN bedroom and tells stories as I fall asleep in my Hammock and she falls asleep in her bed with her grandson. She has grown to know Christ even more and more. And her coffee is DA BEST!!! #bestoftheday #love #instagood #instadaily #truth #fun #missions #photooftheday #summer #instadaily #instalike #sweet #amazing #life #pictures #regram #trip #instagramers #memories #god #blessed

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Hey everyone! Almost my last post to take advantage of my IG alumni takeover!! I have valuable friends whom I met at GCD and through GCD!!! And the one on the very left is @meghanashleigh who just got married this past Saturday! And the one in the middle is Cassi Sherley who also graduated GCD and works with me Frontline missions. Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up. Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. #jesus #college #biblecollege #bibleschool #alumni #student #friend #missions

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