Dawn Galloway Scholarship





Dawn Galloway (featured on the right) was a woman of great character. She had a servant’s heart and always looked to help others. She volunteered in the library while she was in school pursuing a degree in organizational leadership. Dawn was a key person in getting accreditation for Grace College of Divinity. She helped along with Mike Morgan to get accreditation for GCD in only 3 years. She was president of the Protestant Women of the Chapel and influenced many lives internationally. Dawn was very passionate about leadership and leadership development in all areas- church and business. In June of 2010 she died of breast cancer. Her parents and friends formed a special fund in her memory to help people come to GCD especially those who are being trained in leadership in some way. The scholarship is in place to continue the leadership development she was so passionate about. Applicants interested in the scholarship can  fill out the scholarship form and apply online at Gcd.edu    



Terrance James Scholarship


Terrance James Scholarship


     Terrance James was an inspirational young man from Guyana. He grew up without a main father figure in his life, which led to him being involved with the wrong people. In his late teens he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He became passionate about God and sharing the gospel so he joined a Bible College in Brazil called Cetram. This school takes students selected from their village to train them as leaders. They learn the Word of God through stories and a trade to support themselves. Then they are returned to their village to share the Word of God. At this school Dr. Crowther, the current president of Grace College of Divinity, became a mentor for him. He hoped to go out and share the gospel with others.

     His dream was that people who grew up with a difficult childhood or were parentless would find hope and joy in the love of Christ. His life had been filled with struggles and darkness and he strived to give others the peace and hope that God gave him. In 2013 Terrance went to a rodeo on Easter weekend and there he was killed by gang members of the area. Terrance James was an inspiration to everyone. He was hardly ever seen angry and always walked with a smile. Terrance James had the uncanny ability to make friends with everyone he met no matter where they were from. People who met him felt a sense of joy outpouring from him.


“Everyone who talked to him knew he had a smile, a dance in his step, and served others. Other people mattered to him. He is remembered through the joy and dance in his heart.”- Alan Winter

A memorial scholarship was set up in his memory from GCD with Centram to help young people who grew up without a father figure and have a passion for Christ.



Anna Beauchamp Memorial Scholarship


Anna Beauchamp Memorial Scholarship


The Anna Beauchamp Memorial Scholarship, or the Temporary Scholarship, gets its name from the scripture 2 Corinthians 4:18 (NIV), “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” Anna Beauchamp was a kind and inspiring woman of God.  She made people smile wherever she went. She was very creative and loved making crafts.  Anna loved everything nerdy, especially the T.V. show Doctor Who.  She had an amazing affinity to get along with all different kinds of people.


While in the internship program Anna developed a strong faith in God of her own.  She had a heart to serve others and always put people first.  In January 2013 Anna tragically passed away in a car accident, and this fund was established in August 2013 in her honor.  Anna was in the first graduating class of the Experience Internship at Grace College of Divinity, afterwards she began to pursue her Bachelor of Divinity.  Many of later Experience interns have been impacted by Anna through the Temporary Scholarship.  This scholarship awards up to $750 per semester, per recipient, as determined by the decision of the GCD Scholarship Team.  This scholarship was set up so other students may have the life changing opportunity that Anna had in her time at GCD and the Internship.