Bible College in NC

Grace College of Divinity (GCD) is a Bible College in North Carolina (NC) that offers on-campus and online Bible College degrees and certificates.  GCD’s main campus is located in Fayetteville, NC on the campus of Manna Church. There are many Bible Colleges in NC. Here are some reasons that GCD is unique.

Grace College of Divinity’s involvement in NC

GCD collaborates with organizations and churches such as Manna Church, Rockfish Church, Grace Church Southern Pines, mPact Churches, and the Fayetteville Dream Center.

Christian Internship in NC

One interesting program GCD has created is a certificate program that integrates Bible College classes with a Christian internship. This program is called theEXPERIENCE, and is a partnership with Manna Church. TheEXPERIENCE offers a Certificate in Christian Leadership program and an Associate of Arts in Christian Leadership. TheEXPERIENCE track provides a program that offers practical experience within a thriving NC church while integrating academic programs into an integrated certificate and degree program.

Community involvement in NC

Grace College of Divinity partners with the Fayetteville Dream Center to offer a GED program to members of the Fayetteville community.