Student Spotlight: Annie Fletcher

Student Spotlight: Annie Fletcher


This week we are featuring Annie Fletcher for our Student Spotlight and Instagram takeover.

Take a second to visit Annie on her Instagram:

IG: Annie Fletcher

IG: Grace College of Divinity



About Annie:

Annie is a Bachelors of Christian Leadership Student with Grace College of Divinity. She is also the Marketing Coordinator of theExperience Internship with Gen Ignite Student Ministries. Annie has a heart for ministry and is “passionate about seeing students come to realize their full potential in who God has called them to be.” Her hobbies include: photography, adventuring and making music.


Photos from Annie’s Instagram Takeover



Hey, party people! My name is Annie, and I am a senior here at GCD. I will graduate in the spring with my bachelor's in Christian Leadership. This being my first post, I just wanted to share a bit about me. I love taking pictures and doing what I can to try to capture what I perceive to be beautiful. Photography, to me, isn't entirely about capturing the memories, but it's about capturing, just a bit, of the beauty God created. I'm one of those kinds of people who feel the most connected with God when I'm in nature. It's when I get to experience some of the Majesty of God. So to me, pictures are about saving snapshots of the incredible Being that is Christ. #IGTakeOver #StudentLife #GCD #WhatElseDoIHashtag? #OhWell

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Well, people of Instagram, it's the last post of my #InstaTakeOver. Much to my mother's chagrin, I am not afraid heights. Hanging off of cliffs(and sitting at the edge of parking garages) are things that I greatly enjoy. But for all you moms out there, I am very careful. Also, one last thing you might not know about me, I have lived in Fayetteville, NC all of my life. I absolutely adore traveling, but I always love coming home. Fayetteville may not seem like much to most people who have lived other places, but it's home. No matter where I end up in the future, I will always love coming back home. Well, that's all from me. Thank you for putting up with me! It's been my pleasure to take over GCD's Instagram for a day.

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