Summer 2017 Class Schedule

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Summer 2017 8-week classes (Undergraduate)

Summer 2017 Class Schedule
CourseNameStart DateEnd DatePrimary FacultyDelivery MethodDescription
BIB 201Writing of John5/8/20177/2/2017Johnson, TomOnlineWriting of John
BIB 301Synoptic Gospels5/8/20177/2/2017Serrano, CarloOnlineThis course is an in-depth study of the life and ministry of Jesus from the perspective of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Particular attention is given to the teachings of Jesus.
CLG 401Pastoral Ministry5/8/20177/2/2017Serrano, CarloOnlinePastoral Ministry
ENG 495Senior Seminar5/8/20177/2/2017McBride, RonOnlineSenior Seminar
HST 201Church History II5/8/20177/2/2017Clanton, RobertOnlineChurch History II
HST 302History of Great Leaders5/8/20177/2/2017Johnson, TomOnline
LEA 201Ethics5/8/20177/2/2017Sharp, DianeOnline
THE 201Systematic Theology I5/8/20177/2/2017Gwaltney, JeremyOnlineThis course covers the doctrine of the Authority of Scripture, the doctrine of God, the Holy Trinity, the doctrine of Man, the nature of Scripture, the essence of God, and the principles by which God relates to man.

Summer 2017 16-week classes (Undergraduate)

Summer 2017 Class Schedule
CourseNameStart DateEnd DatePrimary FacultyDelivery MethodDescription
BIB 401Book of Mark5/8/20178/20/2017Faulkner, GaryOnlineThis course uses the inductive method of Bible study through a detailed study of the Book of Mark. The student applies the principles of hermeneutics and discovers the text as a first-hand experience rather than through secondary sources.
ENG 101Effective Communication5/8/20178/20/2017Schulz, EllieOnlineA study of communicating with others is a basis for good communication in ministry. This is a basic English class that provides a review of grammar and the mechanics of language.
ENG 110College Writing5/8/20178/20/2017Schulz, EllieOnline

Summer 2017 16-week classes (Graduate)

Summer 2017 Class Schedule
CourseNameStart DateEnd DatePrimary FacultyDelivery MethodDescription
MLEA 501Organizational Leadership5/8/20178/20/2017Crowther, SteveOn CampusThis class is an exploration of what makes an effective leader. In this process both theory and practice in organizational leadership are examined through exploring major theories and research on leadership effectiveness.
MLEA 502Christian Leadership Development5/8/20178/20/2017Chasteen, JohnOnlineThis class examines the process of becoming an effective Christian leader and examines the lives of many historical and biblical leaders. The student will explore several stages of leadership development while considering the issue of God’s providence in leadership development. In addition, leadership characteristics and issues for future leadership development will be explored.
MLEA 602Organizational Research and Analysis5/8/20178/20/2017Serrano, CarloOn CampusIn this class the student will learn different methods of research analysis including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods. In addition, qualitative analysis will be used for research topics related to Christian leadership.
MLEA 604Culminating Experience5/8/20178/20/2017Crowther, SteveOnlineThe student will synthesize the knowledge and skills learned throughout this program. This will be the development of a project or Master’s thesis. This project will involve the issues learned in this program in analyzing an existing major organizational problem and recommending solutions or developing and testing a seminar or a written project promoting a particular thesis.
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