Academic Advising

  • Before registration for fall, spring, and summer semesters, all students must contact their academic advisor. The purpose of academic advising is to aid students in selecting the best courses for their individual programs. This will not only help students finish their programs in a timely manner, but will help students take classes in a logical progression.
  • Once you have met with your advisor, you may register for classes via your online student account.
  • If you are unsure who your academic advisor is, please contact the academic office prior to registration.

Academic Advisors Listed by Program

Bachelor and Associate of Divinity Program AdvisorRon McBride
Distance Education and Undeclared Program AdvisorTom Johnson
The Experience: Certificate in Christian Leadership Program Advisor: theExperience internship staff
Graduate Studies Advisors: Ron McBride and Tom Johnson
Master of Divinity Advisor: Dr. Farid Awad
Missions Leadership Program Advisors: Dick Gaffney or Michael Ray
Worship Programs AdvisorAlec Powers