Every believer has a calling.  It’s time to get ready.

When we read Jesus’ words to “go…make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19, ESV), a common question arises.  How can we make disciples if we have not been discipled? 

God’s plan is to form Christ-followers through the local church.  Grace College of Divinity partners with local churches to prepare emerging leaders who actively influence the world around them.  Most of GCD’s faculty have years of ministry experience, creating a learning environment that fosters biblical training for practical application and personal development.

GCD’s low tuition rates make it possible to receive solid biblical training and not be hindered financially.  Whether the goal is to seek personal enrichment or to pursue a role in vocational ministry, GCD’s degree plans are designed to mobilize active leaders who engage their calling to advance the kingdom of God on the earth.  

The Summer B-Term semester begins on June 24, 2019 (8-week online courses for undergraduates).
The Fall semester begins on August 26, 2019
Contact our Admissions Team or call our office at 910.221.2224 for more details.