I was just thinking the other day, man it is over. I have completed the requirement to receive my “Mission Certificate” as I look back now, I wonder how did that happen? Well, I do know the answer and I will share it in a moment. Before I moved to North Carolina I knew I wanted to go to a Bible collage. I was hungry, I wanted to know more. I wanted to know what God had planned for me and how I could obey Him with strong faith. So what do I do? I am not exactly book smart if you will, I am pretty certain I was even concerned about writing my entry essay. Yet, despite my fear and doubt I pressed on and I am so grateful that I did. I would walk out of class sometimes on fire, it was like my brain could not take anymore information, I was in awe! Impressed by every single one of my professors and there knowledge of Gods Word, and all I had to do was sit there and accept Gods general revelation. What a blessing! I was reaping the greatest preparation that I have ever had for my calling. To answer the question how did it happen? The Holy Spirit lead me every step of the way. He provided the collage that teaches true doctrine of Jesus Christ, He blessed me with the funding, with a student body that would pray and study with me, along with faithful professors who were there whenever I needed them. All I can say is “I am so happy that I trusted God and went.” 

Mathew 24:35

With a grateful heart…Casey

Certificate of Missions Leadership